All has started in 1990 after installing my first Oracle version which was Oracle 4 under SCO unix! It was a mess to install with a bunch of 3″1/2 floppies…
Since that day, I start to be passionate by data access algorithms. I remember a book that I still know by heart: The index-organized B-tree
During that period, I spend a lot of time learning c and c++ by implementing a database (that looks like Oracle from structure point of view) with:
-Buffer cache
-Simple SQL interpreter
I stop the project when I start to deal with rollbacks 🙂

 OCM_ODb11gAdmin_clr  Image1
 OCP_ODb11gAdmin_clr  O_Database12c_Admin_Professional_clr
 OCE_ODb11gPerfTun_clr  ORealAppClu11gGridInfAdmin_clr
 oce-exadata-x3-x4-admin-clr  OCE_ODbSQL_clr

This is a place where I am living

This is a place near where I live

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