OCM 11g exam taken

Here we are, the exam is done.

Some really hard moments and a wonderful experience!



Just received the email this morning!


Congratulations! Oracle DBA 11g Certified Master Practicum Results

Dear Jacques,
Congratulations! on the successful completion of the Oracle DBA 11g Certified Master practicum.



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I am Oracle Certified Master 11g & 12c database architect with significant experience in heterogeneous environments, and strong ability to lead complex and critical projects requiring multiple technical implementations. at Trivadis SA

6 thoughts on “OCM 11g exam taken

  1. Aysegul

    I have a question about OCM exam.

    Does it have internet connection for installation of missing packages ?
    And Which Oracle Documentations will be available on the exam ?2 Day DBA and Oracle Software installation pdf and What else ?
    Thanks so much

    1. Jacques Post author


      You don’t need to worry about requirements, you will be given what is specified in the exam description with all requirements met to do your stuff.

      The main goal of the exam is to cope with DBA activities only; not with system administration, storage, network or whatever.
      Trust me, you will have enough to do:-)

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