RAC Database upgrade from to

Hi There

He is a migration of a RAC database to using dbua!

Upgrade of the grid infra to can be seen here

I am choosing ECOM database.

Please keep in mind that the database should run from the node you are initiating the upgrade on.

You can fix and check or execute manually the pre step scripts provided.

Note: All objects in there recycle bin were at PDB level so the purge DDBA_recyclebin has to be execute at the PDB level.

During the upgrade, of course the database goes down!

      1        OFFLINE OFFLINE              Instance Shutdown,STABLE
      2        OFFLINE OFFLINE              Instance Shutdown,STABLE


Note: The ECOM database is a simple container database with one PDB create after the installation of the cluster with dbca!

But it takes a lot of time!

Successful but very long time to complete such small database!

Have to figure out why…

Database registration after the upgrade

      1        ONLINE  ONLINE       node1   Open,HOME=/u01/app/oracle/product/,STABLE
      2        ONLINE  ONLINE       node5   Open,HOME=/u01/app/oracle/product/,STABLE

Now I have grid infrastructure with two rdbms homes

  •    4 database
  •    1 database



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